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Duties of Officers


The President shall direct the officers, committees, and board, and shall act as the presiding officer at all meetings of the BOD and General Membership.  The President shall be responsible for conducting business of the Groton Soccer Association (GSA), for making rulings which interpret policy of the BOD, for coordinating the activities of the GSA, for general administration, and for other duties as the BOD may approve or direct.

First Vice-President

The first Vice-president shall assume the duties of president in the absence of the President.  This individual shall be responsible for long-range projects and goals for the betterment and growth of the GSA, playing fields, lighting, and maintenance of fields, construction of facilities such as concession stands, storage sheds, bleachers.

Second-Vice President

The Second Vice-president shall assist the First Vice-president and the President in all relevant administrative duties that may include, but are not limited to: grant research, training, coaches packets, registration, information dissemination, equipment bids, and league organization.


The Treasurer shall oversee the collection of all dues and fees, shall have charge of all monies, issue bills and receipts for dues or fees, and pay all bills due of the GSA including the payment of referees.  The Treasurer shall maintain checking and savings accounts in the reputable bank in the name of Groton Soccer Association, with such signature authority requiring both the President and the Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall keep a detailed record of income and expenditures and submit a written, detailed report of income & expenditures to the BOD as requested by the President and a written general report at each Annual General Membership Meeting.


The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings and shall maintain and distribute meeting minutes, notices of meetings, and a calendar of events.  With input from the BOD, the Secretary shall prepare, for the approval of the President, the calendar of events, including GSA and SDSSA deadlines and milestones, and shall update the calendar as necessary.  The Secretary shall assist the Presiding Officer at all meeting in determining and maintaining the agenda, and shall perform other duties as directed by the President.

Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager, under the direction of the BOD and the President, shall be responsible for determining the requirements of/and purchasing of all equipment for the GSA, and for distribution and collection of all equipment (i.e. uniforms, nets, balls, corner flags, cones).

Field Manager

The Field Manager shall be responsible for procuring and preparing playing fields and practice locations and coordinating with appropriate sources to ensure space as such.

Boy’s League Commissioner

This person shall be responsible for organization and communication for all boys’ teams in our league.  This person will work closely with the Groton Soccer Association and the Aberdeen Soccer Association.

Girl’s League Commissioner

This person shall be responsible for organization and communications for all girls’ teams in our league.  This person will work closely with the Groton Soccer Association and the Aberdeen Soccer Association.

Risk Manager

This person shall deal with all safety issues, insurance forms, medical releases which includes working with the association and the state to make sure all requirements are made.

Publicity/Marketing Director

The Publicity/Marketing Director shall be responsible for maintaining communications between the GSA and the Media including, but not limited to, scores, standings, and information on upcoming events.  The Publicity Director will correlate with local entities and coordinate publicity and advertising to promote any and all GSA events as specified by the BOD.  This person will also raise team and/ or corporate sponsorship as needed.

Fundraising Director

The Fundraising Director shall research and determine feasibility on possible fundraising projects, and shall inform/advise the BOD as to specific recommendations.  In addition, the Fundraising Director will also implement, manage, and coordinate any fundraising activities chosen by the BOD that the GSA may participate in.  This function shall include responsibility for any other endeavors that may generate funds, such as concessions.  The Fundraising Director can utilize an assistant (s) if so desires.

The Fundraising Director will serve as the chair of the fundraising committee and will oversee the activities of this committee at the direction of the BOD.  Fundraising activities will be designated for either GSA general fund or the High School fund at the time of the events development and implementations. 

City Liaison

This person shall work with the City of Groton to maintain communication pertaining to the grounds and any other issues that may need attention.  This person shall work closely with the First Vice President.

Member at Large

The Member at Large is a position that may or may not be filled, depending on the activity and needs of the association.  Furthermore, there may be more that one Member at Large at a time.  The purpose of this position is to assist with special projects.  This position will include full voting rights for the duration of the appointment.  This position will be appointed by the board and will be for a period no longer than one year.  After one year, the board will review the need for the appointed position and determine whether it should be renewed.


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